what’s going on here?


I never considered myself one for blogging… and then I moved to Belgium in 2012. Living abroad filled me with wonder – and many words. Far, far too many words for hurried Whatsapp messages and long, long letters. So a blog it had to be.

It started as my musings on the hilarities of living in another country; feeling, looking and sounding alien. 

Then, in 2013, I lived in the Basque Country, a (much more) beautiful part of the world which also had lots to gabble about.

Realising how many words wanted to be written, I kept going. This time, just homegrown nonsense. Organic, British stuff.

And this is me, cultivator of the homegrown nonsense.


Are you also writing snapshots of this madly funny world? Get in touch! I’d love to soak up your world’s technicolor. 

Afterthought: It’s also quite fun/ny to think that someone called Isadora or Miguel could just stumble across these pages as they wander through the virtual Forest of WWW… Hello Isadora and Miguel!


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